Xbox'i viimased aastad on olnud piinarikkad?

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Xbox'i viimased aastad on olnud piinarikkad?

Postitus Postitas Jack » 13 Veebr 2013, 18:32

Xbox 360's last five years have been "painful to watch" according to a former Microsoft engineer who helped create the original Xbox in 1999.

In a blog post entitled "Stupid, Stupid Xbox", Nat Brown asserts that Microsoft has spent the last five years mistakenly trying to turn the Xbox into a multimedia hub whilst abandoning all the studios and design features that made it a great games console in the first place.

He explains, "The past 5 years, and the last year in particular, have been simply painful to watch. Coasting on past momentum. Failing to innovate and failing to capitalize on innovations like Kinect. Touting strategic and market success when you’re just experiencing your competitor’s stumbling failure (yes, Sony, Nintendo – you are, I’m afraid, stumbling failures). A complete lack of tactical versus strategic understanding of the long game of the living room." ... l-to-watch" onclick=";return false;
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